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Child and adolescent mental health in enlarged EU - development of effective policies and practices (CAMHEE)


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Reaching high influenza vaccination coverage rates for those at risk of developing severe complications due to influenza infection remains a considerable challenge, concludes a new ECDC report that provides an overview of seasonal influenza vaccination policies and vaccination coverage rates in the EU/EEA for the 2012–13 influenza season.

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By Andrzej Rys, Director of Health systems and products, DG Sante: The 2010 Commission Communication on Global Health stated that global health is about worldwide improvement of health, reduction of disparities, and protection against global health threats; it considered the concept through various lenses including development, trade, security, human rights and governance. What role do EU policies and instruments fit into this paradigm?

Health-EU newsletter 145 - Focus:


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By Theo Vermeire, Head of Department Nanotechnology, Occupational Health and Transport Safety Centre for Safety of Substances and Products, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) – The Netherlands

SCENIHR, SCHER and SCCS Opinions on Synthetic Biology

Synthetic biology (SynBio) has already delivered important products to the market such as yeast-synthesized artemisinin and biodegradable plastics produced from sugars. There is a potential for substantial contributions to medicine, materials, chemistry, food, nutrition, energy, sustainability, waste treatment, and safety. Yet, like for many new and emerging technologies, there is controversy leading to fierce debates on SynBio’s potential for societal benefit, or risks.

Health-EU newsletter 144 - Focus

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